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Born in British Columbia, Canada, Meagan Maria Devauld grew up with an insatiable love of music and an endearing curiosity. Her immersion started at an early age, with extensive training in classical and jazz, along with traditional composing, singing, and performing. Art was something she learned to do during long weekends on the road "watching" her brothers play hockey, her parents using giving her a styrofoam coffee cup and a pen to stay busy. Through school, she managed to keep up with both passions, though music definitely took over as she transitioned into the post-secondary world. 

During her Post-Secondary years, Meagan’s classical music foundations soon clashed with a passion for world music and a knack for innovation. While studying Saxophone in university, she traversed into a genre all her own, leaving behind traditional formulas and what she found to be creatively stifling methods. Although she was considered a pianist and saxophonist of high standards, she found the greatest level of satisfaction while writing and creating original songs, inventing new ways for harmonies and instruments to play off each other.

Upon returning from a year abroad in Mexico, she started playing piano with Victoria based Cuban music group “Son de Cuba” and her natural affinity for latin music and her love for tumbao was discovered. She threw herself into an intense study of voice, latin music and language and emerged with a catalogue of latin originals.

In 2010, she organized a 10 piece latin band for which she composed and arranged an expansive variety of compositions in Spanish, English and Portuguese in genres from latin infused swing to upbeat, sunny cha-cha, explosive timba and reggaeton.

Her first CD, "Deseos" a five song latin original work, was recorded and produced by Jose Sanchez, an internationally acclaimed percussionist and producer from Cuba. The CD and the band generated a buzz in the local latin community and proved to the community that Meagan was a musical force to be reckoned with.

She has highlighted several shows, as well as performing at the the TD International Victoria Jazzfest. Her first latin music single ”Manojo de Arena” was promoted by Danie Cortese Entertainment and played on community and world music stations world-wide. The single received high acclaim from latin music DJs and set the stage for potential international tours and continued airplay.

Not too long after releasing "Deseos", Meagan had to take a short career hiatus as she dealt with some debilitating physical health problems. During this struggle, she emerged as a more confident artist, with a finely tuned style all her own. She continues to blend world genres such as bossa nova, reggae and flamenco while performing on the piano and ukulele.


In 2018 she released the album "Making Waves" in a collaborative group called "Pozitive Rebellion". Along with her loving partner, they promote their beliefs in a better way for humanity and hope to reach wide audiences along with their collaborators around North America. Now situated in the Cowichan Valley, Meagan continues to play her original music with Pozitive Rebellion, while backing up other artists like Cheko Roots and Zionbell on keyboards. 


Meagan is planning some solo work for 2023 and is looking forward to releasing her extensive repertoire of original songs. She is also working on many art projects including mixed media, airbrush, acrylic and digital art as well as keeping up with her passion for permaculture, philosophy and spirituality, and mankind's struggle for peace in the world. 

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